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The Center Collaborative

Creative Solutions in Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice

From the Oregon Center on Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice, this series shines a light on partnerships that are moving the dial, leading to better solutions and outcomes for people who may become involved with the justice system due to experiencing behavioral health, intellectual/developmental disabilities, or neurocognitive concerns.

We talk with guests representing prominent voices from government, the judicial system, public safety, healthcare, and the broader community throughout metropolitan and rural parts of Oregon.

Sep 15, 2021

Judge Suzanne Chanti & Judge Nan Waller, Circuit Courts Judges and Co-chairs of the Chief Justice’s Behavioral Health Advisory Committee (BHAC) discuss:

  • The definition of procedural justice, which is also known as procedural fairness;
  • The importance of slowing down and using plain language, listening, and involving people in the court process;
  • How this folds into trauma informed processes;
  • The importance of the judicial system being aware of and suppressing their personal biases and values;
  • Cultural Competency; 
  • Mindfully incorporating procedural fairness into the courtroom and throughout the courthouse;
  • Reaching out on a human level; and
  • Vicarious trauma in the courtroom.

For more information about the intersection between criminal justice and behavioral health in Oregon, please reach out to us through our website at and Facebook page at We’d love to hear from you.